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The Senior Smiles Foundation

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The Senior Smiles Foundation

As Founders of Better to Give, Phil and Lani Wards wanted to do so much more than sell Gift boxes. 

They have always known that there should be an element of giving back to what they do.  Hence the decision to partner with suppliers and other businesses who have a social good component to their business model. 


It also led them to establish The Senior Smiles Foundation.


Both Lani and Phil, have an affinity for the care of the elderly, with their grandparents being a very influential part of their lives. 


When establishing The Senior Smiles Foundation Lani reflected on her own grandmother who, despite having a very large whanau with literally hundreds of grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces and nephews, would often remark that there were days where she felt very alone.

The elderly are more often than not the forgotten ones.  



What does the Foundation do? 

Our mission is to truly practice the art of giving. 

At Better to Give, we believe that smiles can be life-changing, particularly for those who find themselves alone and feeling unsupported and sometimes forgotten, as with many of our elderly.


For this reason, we have established The Sending Smiles Foundation as a social enterprise arm to the business. 

The Foundation has three main goals. 


  • Firstly, Challenge our customers to recognise those senior loved ones in their lives and bring awareness to all older people living alone in the community who may be at risk of isolation. 

  • Secondly, To engage the community in nominating a special elderly person each month who they feel could use a beautiful “Senior Smile Gift box” donated, packaged and delivered free, straight to their door.  

  • Lastly, We also believe that there are many hardworking charitable organisations out there doing the work with the elderly in the community, who are not getting the support they need and require more funds. 
To achieve this last goal we are committed to allocate $1 from every gift box sold (alcohol boxes excluded) to the Foundation, which will, in turn, donate the funds at the end of each year to a chosen charity focussed on working with the elderly.  


How can you be involved? 


Be part of the 'Giving Back' phenomenon by helping us to send a smile to a senior in your community. 

  1. Nominate an elderly person you believe needs a smile. Tell us a little bit about them and why they are special to you. You can submit your nomination via email or follow us on Social where we will make requests for nominations each month. 
  2. Purchase a Gift box from our  collection and know that one dollar of each box is going towards supporting those charitable organisations who work very hard to combat elderly isolation in the community. 
  3. Don’t stop talking about the older people in your lives. Share, talk and tell them how much they mean. Knowing that someone is thinking of them is a gift in itself. 

We look forward to you helping us to help others and share the gift of giving.