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What and when to buy corporate gifts

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Relationships with your clients are more important than ever, as there are several companies ready to take that contract off your hands at any one time. Here at Better to Give, we believe gifting is an art form and want to help you use it to successfully build relationships with corporate gift-giving. One thing that might hold you back is not knowing what gifts are appropriate for each situation along your client’s journey. Our aim is to change the way you feel about giving and receiving gifts. Our gift boxes are hand-packed and filled with only the most beautiful, thoughtful and loving products, which we have carefully hand selected from both NZ and around the world. So let’s guide you through when and what to buy.

Welcome Gifts

Why: When welcoming a new client or employee on board, there’s no better icebreaker than starting with a gift. This little act of generosity speaks volumes. It immediately creates rapport and tells the recipient that they are valued and you are excited to work with them. 

What: Nodding to the hard work that is about to begin, purchase a coffee or tea gift box to start their first day. Not sure which they prefer? No worries. Our Coffee vs. Tea box caters to both tastes and appeals to the sweet tooth. All wrapped in one decadent package.

Strengthen Relationships

Why: Whether you’ve hit the wall mid-project or want to ensure your client remembers you for future work, a lasting gift is a visual reminder to keep you in their thoughts in the long term. Half way through long projects, sometimes all people need is a gesture to re-energise and take things to the next level. 

What: Gifting a meaningful NZ native plant is a great way of telling our client or employee that you trust them to take care of the task at hand. Moving forward, they’ll remember your company every time they look at one of our Pohutukawa, Kowhai or Manuka varieties. You can also add corporate branding with a logo and handwritten personal message.

End of Year

Why: Signing off another calendar year gives you the opportunity to extend your hand to clients and employees to recognise all the work that’s gone into the past 12 months. The holiday season is the perfect time for gifts and nothing is as well-received as a festive treat. Holidays are a time for family, so a top tip is to offer something that can be shared amongst friends.

What: Snack boxes and share boxes are ideal. That’s why we curated our Festive Fortune box, complete with super snacks, our Christmas NOEL fragrance candle, Herb and Spice Christmas Fortune Cookies, gold plated corkscrew and even more stocking fillers. A delightful box and the perfect Christmas gift.

Thank You

Why: Plenty of wins at work call for celebration. Maybe your client has just completed a big project with you or your employee has landed a big contract. It’s important to praise colleagues for the work they do and it will push them to replicate that feeling when it’s you with a big win. Saying thanks is important in all cultures so this may be the most important time for gift-giving.

What: Thank you gifts should be celebratory. Think treats and luxury. It’s the time to take a moment and reflect on what’s been achieved. Our Thank You box does just this, with dark chocolate steam pudding, confectionary, Fentimans Cola and two etched glasses. Want to opt for something more… relaxing? Our Sangria Afternoon will help your clients kick back this summer and enjoy a day-off thanks to you.

Whatever the occasion, one of our gift hampers will be the perfect ticket to make someone’s day. Remember, a little goes a long way. See all our corporate gift ideas here.

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