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The art of gift giving

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Gift-giving takes place year round for many different occasions. Birthdays, Christmas, corporate presents, celebrations and even Valentine’s Day. All of these are marked as an opportunity for gift giving. Now, most of us don't think of giving gifts as an art - but it is. We usually think a lot when choosing a gift for someone. We want it to be something special, something the recipient cannot choose for themself. When choosing a gift for a particular person, it's usually an expression of our love, friendship, or gratitude.

The art of giving lies in how to choose a gift. The best gift is the one that the recipient will remember, and with Better To Give's carefully curated range of gifts, they're sure to remember the beautiful details of our gift boxes and the quality contents inside. Gifts should be given according to the occasion and the type of relationship you have with the recipient. This means that you need to know something about the person you are giving the gift to.

Curated Gifts: With our thoughtfully selected gift boxes, wine gifts and living flowers and trees, let us do for you what we do best. All these include a keepsake box and card witha  handwritten message.

Custom Gifts: To go above and beyond, our premium Custom Gifting Service takes the work out of designing and supplying beautiful and artfully created gifts with a 5-step guide in which your gift is designed by us and signed off by you.

Create Your Own: Or perhaps you have something in mind and simply want us to put it together. Ultimately YOU know your friends and loved ones best, so we give you the option to select the items you know they’ll love with a customised box. 

When you get to know the person you're giving a gift to, it should reflect their tastes, their preferences and offer a wow factor. That’s what the art of gift-giving is all about. We hope this expert guide has given you ideas about how to transform what is often a chore into a rewarding experience when the occasion presents itself. Gift-giving can be fun and it can make a huge impact on the lucky one who received it. And always remember, it’s better to give.

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