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Gifting plants and flowers

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A lot of presents get quickly consumed, whether it’s champagne or cake or chocolate. And those presents like CDs or vouchers quickly get forgotten. Without breaking the bank, the best way to provide a gift that is both meaningful and memorable is with plants that will remind the receiver of your kindness. Here are the best living tree and flower gifts for your colleagues and loved ones.

Potted Flower Orchid:

Ever stunning flowers, orchids are the picture of simple sophistication to add the perfect amount of glamour to any room. Coming perfectly potted in a simple black, white or gold pot, these flowers are single-stemmed and their average height is 40cm from the soil to the top of the flower. Send one today to make a wondrous present.

New Zealand Native Trees:

Sending a beautiful and classic NZ Native Tree is a great sentiment of recognition to its receiver. They make an amazing and unique gift that will be cherished and loved for many years to come. Boxed safely for travel, these miniatures are approximately 20cm high and come potted in Kowhai, Pohutukawa, Manuka and Rewarewa.


Everyone should have Lavender in their home. The beautiful aroma will fill your home and add a calm of sense and logic, even during crazy times. Whether it's cooking and baking, health or medicinal purposes, Lavender is a must-have. Use it in many ways to best use the properties of Lavender, you could even suggest a few when you purchase this as a thoughtful present. These herbs come lovingly potted and packaged with care, sure to bring a smile to the face of the receiver!


Encourage that Sunday cooking of your neighbour by gifting them a small rosemary plant for your kitchen or garden. Whether they are making lamb or potatoes, rosemary is a sumptuous addition. This is not only one of the most delicious herbs for cooking but it is a beautiful plant and smells great too! Our rosemary is ripe and ready for use or you can re-pot or plant in your garden providing years of fresh rosemary.

There are so many easy gift ideas to choose from at Better To Give, the only difficult part is choosing just one! But with this guide to our flowers and plants, you should be well on your way.

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